Dear Customers and Partners:

What is important to you is what is important to us at HR Simplified: humans, resources and simplification.

I believe the foundation of our success is the human touch. My goal is to always serve you with personal attention, enthusiasm and integrity. Your time is valuable, and we promise to give it our utmost respect.

You can expect great resources and us being resourceful. I employ smart, well-trained professionals as well as utilize the most sophisticated and robust process systems available. The latest technology is employed to leverage our ability to perform with excellence, like fast live customer service, and to offer the very best in benefits administration.

HR Simplified takes on the complex and time consuming tasks that bog you down every day and we provide relief with clear, uncomplicated and seamless solutions, all customized to meet your specific needs.

I will never ask you to fit into our box. You have my word on it.

Michael Melnychuk
Founder and President