FAQ: Commuter (Parking and Transit)

What is a Commuter Account?

A commuter account allows employees to set aside pre-tax funds for qualified mass transit and parking expenses associated with the employees commute to work. The funds are deducted from the employee’s paycheck on a pre-tax basis, reducing the employee’s taxable income. The employee can elect up to $270 per month for parking expenses and up to $270 per month for transit expenses.

What is a qualified mass transit expense?

Mass transit vehicle may be publicly or privately operated and includes bus, rail, or ferry. Qualified expenses include:

  • Transit passes
  • Tokens
  • Fare cards
  • Vouchers
  • Similar items entitling you to ride a mass transit vehicle to or from work

What is a qualified parking expense?

Parking expenses incurred at or near your work location is a qualified parking expense. Qualified expenses include:

  • Parking meters
  • Parking garages
  • Parking lots

What is van-pooling?

Van-pooling requires a commuter highway vehicle with a seating capacity of at least seven adults, including the driver. At least 80% of the vehicle mileage must be transporting employees between their homes and workplace with employees occupying at least one-half of the vehicle’s seats (not including the driver’s seat).

What are not eligible commuter expenses?

  • Tolls
  • Gas
  • Mileage
  • Parking at or near your home
  • Business or personal commuting expenses

Who can use your commuter funds?

Your commuter funds can only be utilized by you, the employee. Your spouse and/or dependents are not eligible to spend your commuter funds.

Do I get a debit card?

Yes, HR Simplified will provide a debit card upon enrollment.  Once you are enrolled, you will receive a debit card within 7-10 business days.

Can I get a new debit card if it is lost/stolen?

Yes, please report your lost or stolen debit card to HR Simplified at (888) 318-7472 Option 1 and request a new card to be mailed to you via U.S. Postal Mail and will take 7-10 business days to arrive.  Debit cards are replaced at no additional fee.

Can I change my election?

Yes, elections are on a monthly basis.  Should you want to change your election please contact your Human Resource Department.  Your HR team will contact HR Simplified of your new election and adjust your payroll deduction accordingly.

Can I submit manual claims for transit expenses?

No, per IRS regulations as of 01/01/2017, manual claims are no longer permitted from your pre-tax commuter account for transit expenses.

Can I submit manual claims for parking expenses?

Yes, per IRS regulations documentation for parking expenses is not required. Go online to your account and file a claim for your parking expenses to get reimbursed from HR Simplified.

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